About Bozcaada

Bozcaada is one of the two islands in the Aegean Sea of Turkey. Located at the entrance of the Dardanelles Strait to the north of the Aegean Sea, this island is also the third largest island in Turkey.

The area of Bozcaada is 40km² and the distance to the mainland is 6 km. Apart from the small elevations in the inner parts, it consists of large plains. Göztepe, the highest point of the island, is 192 meters high. There are 12 bays on the island and 17 islets around the island. It is an important tourist attraction center with its fine and rare natural beauties as well as its cultural heritage. In recent years, as a result of changing dynamics in the tourism and the search for experience in people's travels, Bozcaada has become even more valuable.

Bozcaada, which is mostly preferred by local tourists, started to attract foreign tourists with its “52 Places to go in 2017” list published in the New York Times in January 2017.

As Herodotus said: “God has created Bozcaada, so that people may live long.”